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As someone who used to bite my nails and always struggled to get them healthy and long, Sistaco has been revolutionary! I have been using gel polish for the last couple of years, but always found it difficult to apply and a nightmare to remove - my nails would become so brittle and fragile. But the Sistaco powders are remarkably easy to apply and look so much more flawless than any other nail product I’ve tried before.

J. Wilson

Verified buyer

I am so happy I took the plunge and spent the money ! My nails always look amazing, I get compliments all the time. I'm a bartender, and now my nails are strong enough to open beer cans all afternoon and not break

T. Morgan

Verified buyer

I have always done my own nails but was looking for something that would be easier to apply and would last longer. So I did my research and the overwhelming consensus was that this system is amazing. So I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did! It is unlike anything I’ve ever used! It’s easy, fast and the wear is great! You can even combine shades (which I did for my “red, white and blue” lol)! The best part is that these are powders, so if the 100+ choices they offer aren’t enough, you can mix and match your own custom shades! I’ll never go back to regular nail polish again!

Nadine B

Verified buyer












SNS or Dipping powder is made of ground plastic and is actually not a true powder at all. The base formulation to adhere the 'dipping powder' is similar to a Super/Crazy Glue and has fundamentally the some components. Sistaco Powders however are a true powder that is Mineral based.

As a brand we would never advocate the use of any animal in testing of any product that we produce. So the simple answer is ‘They sure are’!

The great thing about the Sistaco Mineral Bond system is that all powders can mix to make a new unique tone. This is the only nail product on the market where you can do this. So be creative; make your own shades!

There are many advantages to this system; it is non-toxic and 16 free, it is easy to apply and you get a nice even finish, you don't have to worry about smudging like a polish, you can mix your shades to be creative, it's based on a mineral powder and is not ground plastic like a dipping powder.

We stock over 100 shades but of course shades are only limited by your own creativity; being able to be mixed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1455 reviews
Susan H
Really interesting

I love doing my nails, of course I am not pro level. I hate the time gel polish takes and the possible reaction I get each time I try. I looked for a better system. This caught my eye and I wanted to try it but the expense deterred me. Finally I broke down, after placing my order I waited. Then I waited almost two years (okay it was about two weeks), when it arrived with a cartoon on it I laughed. I tried it out and it was a tad faster than gels however it lasted just about as long. I love to see my nails pretty but I also start chipping away when I see cracks. In my opinion it still expensive but you might enjoy the time you spend messing with your nails.

Katrina Ooykaas

I love ❤️ this it’s so easy to use and looks amazing. I have had a lot of compliments


I bought this as a gift for myself, my daughter and my mum. I cant afford to pay for ongoing visits to a nail salon. This is the answer. Easy enough to use. The pic is my 2nd application. Lasts!

Sabrina P
I'm addicted!

I have very oily nails, nothing stays on them. Sistaco nail powers have lasted a week so far and still look beautiful! It was also so easy to apply! I can't wait to get more colors!!!

Kim Stafford

Love my Sistaco system I ordered Ultimate kit plus 6 colors. Have done it once so far. Found it quite easy to use still working out a few things. Love colors ordered more !! Can't wait to do my nails again💙

Heather Harries

Love this nail system. So easy to do.

It’s a good alternative

It’s harder to apply then I thought particularly with mixed power. The first try was terrible but once you get the hang of it. It’s pretty good. The trick is to evenly apply the base coat without spilling over. The rest will be easier if you get this right. The top coat can’t be too thick and make sure it doesn’t spill over to the skin as well.

Bee Brown

I cannot believe how fast and easy it was to do my nails. For my first try I think I did a decent job and it lasted for one week. Ordered more colors. Should be easy to remove since I peeled most of them off. I do like a little better than gel. This is not as hard as dip. Happy with my purchase and can't wait to do my nails again.

Aimee Neill
Easy and Gorgeous!

I love my gel manicures. I decided to try this system on a whim - if nothing else I thought it would be a good easy way to do my 5-year-old’s nails at home. Surprise! It’s awesome. So far I’ve used it once (in a hurry, in poor light, on my bed) and the results were above & beyond what I expected. The kiddo also loved it!

Laura Newton
Loving it💞

Loving flamingo colour and so quick and easy to use 😍