Precision Edge


Easy to use; simply apply carefully to skin around nail bed using our fine or wide applicator.  Ensure the formulation doesn't touch the actual nail and leave to fully dry.

Apply Sistaco Mineral Bond as normal and when finished, just lift and peel the ‘Precision Edge’! ‘Precision Edge’ is not latex or glue based so there's no nasty smell!

Each bottle also comes with two tips, fine or wide for precise application! Now that's clean-up time made easy!

1 x Precision Edge bottle, with both wide tip & fine tip applicators

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Polyurethane, Deionized Water, Acetone

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Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Took my nails from ahhh to ahhhhhmazing!

I love the entire Sistaco system but lamented my sloppiness. So I ordered the precision edge and WOW! First time I used it my nails came out basically perfect! No more scraping color off my skin, just perfection!

One tip for easy removal, wash your hands (after final cure) and then remove the Precision Edge. It’s super easy when it’s wet and your skin is soft!

Temae Briers
Love it!

I'm not allergic to latex so I love Liquid Latex but this is really cool.
I love that this has 2 sizes of applicators and that it shimmers.
It actually dries way faster than any other non-latex nail barriers that I've tried.
I think it peels better if applied thicker.

Susan Evans

Precision Edge

Donna Lenghaus
Precision edge

This product does exactly what it claims to do. It is easy to apply and remove, and it doesn’t smell.

Kylie Ridge
Precision Edge - absolutely necessary

Would not apply the colour's with out it.

Susan Molnar
Works great

My toes look awesome Thanks Sistaco!

Carolyne Dewe
Easy to use

Nice and easy to use,

Tonette Leedham
Precision Edge

Love this product. Works exactly as promised. Would definitely recommend.

Ingrid Eastwood
Wonderful nail colours

Love this product. Great for my nails and helps strengthen them

TJ Davies
It's a game changer!

The feeling of peeling off the precision edge and instantly seeing that crisp-lined, perfect application is wonderful. I feel like I actually do a better job than the nail salons when I use this. It takes a little patience and a steady hand, but it's so worth it. Hot tip...a thicker application is better. Wait for the first coat to dry, then add a second coat and it'll be super easy to remove.

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